Mix Master

The Mix Master is designed to effectively isolate the surface equipment while fracturing down the annulus with the tubing as a dead leg or both annulus and tubing. The Mix Master provides a mandrel and patented sealing assembly mounted on the bottom end for pack-off in the casing of the well to be stimulated. The Mix Master is locked into place with a lockdown nut that prevents upward movement by fluid pressures from within the well bore.


  • Eliminates killing the well as the tool can be installed and removed under pressure
  • Reduces rig time since there is less tripping of pipe
  • Generally eliminates snubbing
  • Packer not required
  • Allows flow-back for cost effective cleanout
  • Permits circulation of sand for cleanout via tubing or annulus
  • Allows for the installation of perforating guns prior to tool installation
  • Full bore tubing facilitates swabbing and running down hole equipment
  • Can only be removed under pressure with a class 3 BOP system
  • A working platform is provided with the tool. The platform is complete with handrails and ladder for easy access.
  • Additional stairs can be attached and are available upon request


Pressure rating: 69 Mpa (10,000psi) working pressure


  • Casing: 4-1/2” (114mm) to 9-5/8” (244mm)
  • Tubing: 2-3/8” (60.3mm) to 2-7/8” (73mm)

Maximum Pumping Rates

  • 3 m3/min. for 2-3/8” tubing and 4-1/2” casing
  • 6 m3/min. for 2-7/8” tubing and 5-1/2” casing
  • 8 m3/min. for 2-3/8” tubing and 5-1/2” casing

Higher rates can be achieved by pumping down both the annulus and tubing