About Us

Oil States Energy Service (Canada) Inc. – formerly Stinger Wellhead Protection Inc. was incorporated in August 1988 to supply wellhead protection service to the oil and gas industry. At OSES our primary business is to isolate wellheads from pressure, abrasive proppants and damaging chemicals. The oil industry changes quickly; therefore, OSES has a flexible structure that allows us to change quickly too. Our shops are situated close to the fracturing companies to enable us to serve our customers and minimize mileage on our equipment. This also reduces travel time for our employees.

As of 2006, OSES has isolation tools in 25 different shops throughout the U.S.A. The company either operates these shops, or has a representative in the area trained and licensed to run our tools with our support. Currently, OSES Canada has 2 district offices in Canada and 2 International locations.

In 2005, Stinger was acquired by Oil States International Inc. making us part of an established public company well respected in the Oil and Gas Services Industry